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The Moen Chateau Single handle tub and shower faucet cartridge replacement. 

Full step by step instructions on how to replace a Moen Chateau single handle tub and shower faucet Cartridge. 

A few things to consider before you begin repairing your Chateau Moen tub and shower faucet cartridge replacement.
1- Don't start this project on a weekend or late in the day, If you run into a problem that you can-not handle, and need to call a plumber, you wont have to pay a premium rate.
2- Be prepared, have all the tools and parts you need to do the job, before you start, and the part store closes.
3- Collect and save some water in case something goes wrong, and you can-not turn the water back on for a long time.
4- Be sure you have turned the main water valve off, and that it holds, if it does not hold 100% let a faucet at a lower level run, so the water does not reach the faucet you are working on.
5- Keep in mind, things can, and may go wrong, it is possible you may end up having to replace the whole Moen shower valve, you may break a pipe in the wall, or other.
Chateau Moen Faucet drippingThis is a picture of an old Chateau Moen tub and shower unit that is dripping very bad, this is with the faucet in the off position.
This type of Moen cartridge, pulls out to turn the water on and pushes in to turn the water off, and turns left for hotter water and right for cooler water.
Chateau Moen faucet trimThis is a close up of the Chateau Moen shower faucet trim with the handle removed, in the center is the stem that you want to remove.
There is a sleeve around the cartridge that needs to be removed, just grab it and pull it forward towards yourself, it should slide off easy.
Chateau Moen StemIn this picture I removed the sleeve and the trim, but you do not need to remove the trip to replace your Moen faucet stem.
Note the top of the retainer pin just in front of the cartridge, this has to be removed, please be sure the water is off,
if you remove the cartridge with the water on, you will not be able to put it back in and water may run down the wall flooding your home.
Chateau Moen retainer pinIn this image I have the Moen Cartridge retainer pin half way out, this should show you where the pin is and how to remove it, when it is all the way down, you may need a pair of needle nose pliers to grab it, be aware, not all new Moen cartridge stems come with a new pin.
Just pull the pin straight up.
Chateau Moen handleThis is one of my little tricks, once I have removed the sleeve and the pin, I reinstall the handle, and use it to pull the old Moen cartridge out.
Just pull straight out and you should be able to remove the stem.
If the stem will not come out with a hard pulling, you may want to replace the pin, and call a plumber, this is the point of no return.
There is a tool designed to remove the cartridge, most ACE hardware stores will loan you one.
But things can go wrong from here on. Some times the stem will not come out, even with the tool, and sometimes only part of the stem will come out, causing a small job to become a nightmare.
Chateau Moen old cartridgeThis is what the old Moen stem looks like once you do get it out, if it looks thinner, it's possible you only removed the inner part of the stem, the rest still needs to be removed.
The tool I mentioned is designed to remove the outer part if it got stuck in the shower valve, but it may not come out, and it may be time for a new faucet.
Once the stem is out clean the inside of the faucet, to be sure it is free of any debris and is real smooth.
Use a silicone based grease to very lightly coat the inside of the faucet.
Chateau Moen insert stemInstalling the new Moen Cartridge in to the old shower valve.
The new stem should be pre greased and no additional grease is needed. Pull thinner part of the stem out till it stops, this will eliminate any back pressure.
If the stem is in the off position when pushing the stem into the faucet, back pressure may prevent you from pushing the cartridge all the way back in, having the stem in toe on position will allow the pressure to go out of the spout.
Chateau Moen cartridge positionPlease note the position of the stem, the wider parts face top and bottom, this is the only way the stem clip can slid over the cartridge, so be sure the position is correct.
Then push it in all the way until you can see that the pin will slide through without hitting the new stem.
Chateau moen Insert pinNote how the pin slides over the new stem, it needs to go all the way through to the bottom of the faucet body, if it does not go easy, don't force it, the stem is either not pushed in all the way, or the stem is not turned in the right position.
Chateau Moen pin all inThis is what the pin looks like when it is in correctly, please be sure your is set up just like this.
Once you have the pin set properly, you can turn the water back on and test the new stem.
Once the water is back on, use the handle to test if the hot water comes on when you turn the handle to the left, if you get cold water when you turn the handle to the left, you need to remove the handle turn the inner part on the stem 180% (you do not need to remove the stem from the faucet) reinstall the handle and the hot will be on the left side.
I hope this page was helpful to you, if you need further assistance, please use the forum or the call me page.
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