Moen Cartridge
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Chateau Moen Faucet cartridge replacement, image 5 of 10  

 Step 5 image page on how to replace a chateau Moen tub and shower stem

This is one of my little tricks, once I have removed the sleeve and the pin, I reinstall the handle, and use it to pull the old Moen cartridge out.
Just pull straight out and you should be able to remove the stem.
If the stem will not come out with a hard pulling, you may want to replace the pin, and call a plumber, this is the point of no return.
There is a tool designed to remove the cartridge, most ACE hardware stores will loan you one.
But things can go wrong from here on. Some times the stem will not come out, even with the tool, and sometimes only part of the stem will come out, causing a small job to become a nightmare.
Chateau Moen handle
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