Repair a Moen Single Handle Faucet.

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  Moen Faucet cartridge replacements and instructions
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Please note: this is the older Moen Cartridge that you will use the Moen 1225B on.

Please Note this is the Moen PosiTemp 1222 Cartridge for replacement on the Moen PosiTemp Faucet, notice the white Plastic with the letters H and C in the plastic.

Genuine replacement Moen Cartridges 1225B, This is a good replacement for all single handle Moen faucets that use the Moen 1200 cartridge except the Moen PosiTemp Please see images below. Note All my replacement cartridges are Genuine Moen factory made.

Genuine Moen 1225B cartridge Replacement cartridge
Only $12.99 Each

Moen PosiTemp Replacement Cartridge 1222 Oonly $39.99 Each

Only $39.99 each Includes Instructions. 

Shipping: All orders are shipped "First class Mail" the day you order, until 4:30 PM eastern time, Monday through Friday, and 11:30 AM on Saturday.
If you need it faster I can ship Priority Mail for an extra shipping fee of $4.50 above the cost of the Cartridge. 
I will ship between 1 and 12 cartridges for $4.50.

Genuine Moen 1225B With Priority Mail Shipping Only $12.99 Plus shipping
PosiTemp With Priority Mail Shipping Up to 12 shipped for an extra $4.50

Genuine Moen PosiTemp With Priority Mail Shipping $39.99 plus shipping